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Resources and guides to get started with Unit Protocol, USDP, and DUCK
Unit Protocol lets you use a huge selection of tokens as collateral to borrow liquidity in the form of USDP stablecoin.
The protocol proposes optimized solutions allowing users to obtain liquidity from a large variety of cryptoassets (including Compound tokens, Yearn vault tokens and various LP tokens, e.g. Shibaswap). Here we provide 160+ diverse tokens available to be used as collaterals in order to mint our stablecoin USDP.
What you do with the USDP is entirely up to you. Borrow more tokens, stake in your favourite projects, cash it out - it's your call! There's no shortage of opportunities to make your crypto do more.
The protocol is currently built over several blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC and Fantom with the outlook to expand over further networks.

Unit protocol has two main tokens

USDP is a stablecoin, which value is soft-pegged to the US dollar.
Another Unit Protocol token is DUCK. The DUCK token is there to incentivise holders to stake their DUCK on Unit Protocol to get a share of the fees that are collected when people use the protocol to collateralise their tokens.


Your feedback is important! We are committed to making Unit Protocol the platform that will help you unlock your full potential in a secure way and we strive to find solutions to fulfil different needs by delivering more engaging opportunities, and we cannot do that without your input! Feel free to reach out with questions, feature requests, issues, or comments on your preferred social platforms:
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