Unit Protocol


What makes us different from other protocols?

A wide selection of tokens to use as collateral

Many crypto holders own a diversified portfolio of assets, including a variety of capitalized and under-capitalized tokens. Popular liquid assets are easily sold on exchanges and holders can access instant liquidity without the need to borrow.
Another scenario is if you don’t wish to part with your possessions to get your hands on some liquidity. Unit Protocol addresses this issue by providing a huge selection of options for collateral.

Available on different blockchains

Right now, Unit Protocol runs on Ethereum, BSC and Fantom blockchains and has plans to extend this to increase your opportunities.

Stable interest rate

Unit Protocol uses an approach which allows the market to regulate itself and ensures that the price of USDP stablecoin reaches its peg. Fluctuating interest rates creates uncertainty for the borrowers and limits the platform’s scalability. Unit Protocol lets you issue USDP stablecoin when you deposit collateral. Instead of focusing on the stablecoin’s price, it focuses on the value of USDP to ensure that it reaches the peg over time. This is the mechanism that will allow Unit Protocol to scale in the long run.
Varying interest rates create uncertainty for borrowers and limit the scalability of the system, so it’s important to provide predictable loan conditions for users. With Unit Protocol, interest rates will remain stable on an untouched CDP (Collateralized Debt Position).

Quick to add new tokens

Unit Protocol keeps moving. As our core principle, we’re all about maintaining high scalability to allow us to expand our collateral list to include new types of tokens. At the moment, we provide a wide range of tokens including LP, Yearn vaults, Compound etc.


There’s no starting cost. Even if you only have tokens which have a low total value, you can still get started with Unit Protocol.

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