Unit Protocol

Use cases

Some of the many ways to make your crypto do more

Unleash the power of stablecoins

Unit Protocol lets you mint USDP, a stablecoin pegged against the US Dollar. This means its value stays at roughly US$ 1 with some slight possible fluctuations explained by the economics of supply and demand.
You can use USDP on lots of different DeFi protocols to generate stable yield.

Maximise your returns

On the score of the crypto market is constantly fluctuating, there are plenty of opportunities to jump in and turn a profit. Unit Protocol allows you to lock in the value of your available tokens to generate USDP stablecoins in order to get instant liquidity and put it into circulation. This means you can maximise your returns without having to sell your tokens, and then get on with something like leveraged yield farming.
In USDP we trust!

Stake for fees

Unit Protocol collects fees from people borrowing USDP and distributes them to holders of DUCK who have staked their tokens in the Unit Protocol staking pool - the duck pond. Rewards are paid out proportionally and on a weekly basis to everyone who stakes their DUCK.