Unit Protocol

Work in progress

We prefer not to announce any specific timelines or release dates as industry changes and developer resources often impact the ability to meet such deadlines. Our primary focus is always to prioritise the quality and safety of the products we deliver.


  • New dApp / UI/UX Upgrades

Coming soon:

Liquid Staking for DUCK (uveDuck)

Another option for DUCK staking: users will be able to lock their DUCK tokens as collateral in UP to mint USDP and earn USDP rewards at the same time!
How it works:
- Users can lock DUCK token in our contract to receive uveDUCK
- uveDUCK is locked in FeePool and suveDuck is obtained, which can be used as a collateral in UP and bring rewards in USDP claimable through the DApp
- Locking DUCK in our contract and receiving uveDUCK, then locking uveDUCK into FeePool and getting suveDUCK, which can be used as collateral and earn rewards, are conveniently performed in one transaction.

New types of collateral:

- ability to use Sushiswap and Pancakeswap LP tokens as collateral for borrowing USDP and earn respective rewards as a liquidity provider (LP)
- convenience to claim Sushiswap and Pancakeswap reward tokens through UP DApp without withdrawing your collateral.

Leveraged Yield Farming:

- ability to utilise WETH and LP token collaterals with automated leverage option
- potential to increase your LP position by expanding your share of the AMM liquidity pool and consequently get more incentives

Loan repayment with deleverage option:

- debt positions with WETH and LP token collaterals can be repaid, partially or fully, from the amount of collateral locked in the system
- part of the collateral would be automatically sold for USDP to repay the user’s debt
- user will get a remainder of their collateral back, or leave it in the system for future debt position openings


  • Launching Unit Protocol on new EVM networks
  • NFTs as collateral


Executed updates and recently applied features can be found here:
This is not a complete list of the protocol's upcoming goals and activities, as some of them will be revealed on release day for privacy and security reasons.