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Bribes on Curve.fi

Some info about why and how to take bribes on curve.fi

About USDP bribes on Curve.fi

Vote on curve.fi gauge weights and receive bribes in return.
Unit Protocol is offering bribes to everyone who votes for USDP in weekly votes on curve.fi. Vote for USDP, get rewarded in delicious stake-worthy DUCK. It’s a great way to score a bunch of DUCK and show some love for USDP while doing it.
We’ve been bribing for a few weeks already, so check out this week’s rewards and cast your vote, go to https://bribe.crv.finance/.

Understanding USDP bribes on Curve.fi

Gauge weights are used on curve.fi to determine how much CRV each pool gets. The heavier the weight, the higher the rewards for providing liquidity. Every Thursday, curve.fi lets people use their veCRV to vote for the coming week’s gauge weights. The results of the vote dictate the amount of veCRV allocated to a particular gauge for the coming week. The heavier the gauge, the higher the rewards.
Curve recently made things more interesting by introducing bribes. That means protocol teams can bribe veCRV holders to vote for their gauge each week. All Unit Protocol bribes are paid out in the form of DUCK.
Obviously, we want USDP’s gauge on curve.fi to be as heavy as possible, so we’re bribing people to vote for USDP using the veCRV tokens they have in their locker. Put simply, vote for the USDP gauge, and we’ll pay out some juicy bribes.
You might be asking yourself how Unit Protocol benefits from this. Well, when people borrow USDP, 100% of the fees from their transactions are distributed between DUCK stakers. The more people who borrow USDP, the more money goes into the pond. The more money in the pond, the more valuable a DUCK becomes and the higher its price goes.
All bribes are distributed in DUCK, Unit Protocol’s governance token, at http://bribe.crv.finance/ and/or through Convex Finance’s Votium platform.
You can see all the upcoming rewards and cast your vote at https://bribe.crv.finance/.

How to vote for USDP and get your bribe

– Lock CRV to get veCRV https://dao.curve.fi/locker
– Check USDP pool bribe rewards https://bribe.crv.finance/
– Use veCRV to vote for USDP https://dao.curve.fi/gaugeweight
– Collect rewards https://bribe.crv.finance/