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How to borrow $USDP
6 steps to using your tokens to borrow some $USDP stablecoin
  1. 1.
    Choose a token to use as collateral from the list, or go to Your portfolio to see a list of the tokens you currently have in your wallet.
Tip: you can search all tokens or choose from the filters on the left-hand side if you just want to see stablecoins, Sushi LP, Yearn vaults etc.).
2. Check the collateral parameters to see how much you $USDP there is to borrow.
3. Scroll down to Deposit collateral & Borrow $USDP and enter the amount of tokens you want to use or click on Max to see the amount of $USDP you can borrow for the tokens you’ve chosen to use.
4. Choose the level of risk you’re ready to accept on this position by using the slider or the presets (25%, 50% etc).
Tip: When you change the level of risk, the amount of $USDP and the issuance fee will also change. Keep an eye on both.
5. Click on APPROVE & EXECUTE, and then sign the transaction in Metamask or another wallet
6. Enjoy your $USDP! Buy more tokens, swap it for fiat, stash it in a vault – whatever you want.
To pay back your $USDP loan, click on Repay $USDP & Withdraw collateral. The amount you have to pay back is the amount of $USDP that you borrowed + the stability fee for the period that the loan is open.
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