Protocol Use Cases

Unit Protocol offers multiple use cases, of which some key use cases are:

  • Access to Capital: Centralized financial services require extensive KYC, admin, credit check processes in order to provide financial services. These practices in addition to other political and social boundaries create underserved communities that have little or no access to financial services. Unit Protocol provides access to financial services to anyone anywhere, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

  • Capital Efficiency: The Crypto market is constantly fluctuating. This fluctuation presents opportunities for traders to utilize trends for profit generation. Unit Protocol allows traders to lock in the value of their excess collateral to generate stablecoin (USDP) and invest in other crypto assets. Therefore protecting the desired price for collateral and maximizing returns in the Crypto market. Leveraged yield farming is possible thanks to the robust USDP model as well.

  • Opportunities through Stability: Amidst the volatility of the crypto market, Unit Protocol provides the possibility of minting the USDP stablecoin. The USDP is pegged against the US Dollar stabilizing its value at ~$1 regardless of the market movements. USDP is widely used across different DeFi protocols to generate stable USD-denominated yield.

  • Transparency Above and Beyond Traditional Financial System: given the built-in checks and balances provided by the blockchain, all transactions are shared on a public ledger for anyone to view. Moreover, you can view and go through Unit Protocol's smart contracts (link) to see the technical details behind the process.