Unit Protocol

DUCK Staking

Understanding DUCK Staking

The DUCK token is there to incentivise its holders to stake their DUCKs in the Unit protocol to get a share of the fees that are collected when people use the protocol to collateralise their tokens.
100% of the stability and liquidation fees that Unit Protocol collects go straight into the duck pond – UP staking pool, to be distributed among DUCK stakers.
At this point of time, as a DUCK tokens holder you can benefit of this ownership in two possible ways using staking:

Staking V2

Staking V2 lets DUCK owners to lock their tokens for the selected period of time to earn rewards in USDP stable.
Head over to the following section to find out more:

Liquid staking

By utilising the liquid staking as a holder of DUCK tokens you can collateralise your tokens in UP to mint USDP stable and earn rewards in USDP at the same time.
Skip to the section below to dive into the understanding of liquid staking and find detailed guides on how to use it:
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