Unit Protocol

DUCK Staking V1 (deprecated)

In the first version of staking, qDUCK smart contract used the protocol treasury (incoming stability and liquidation fees) to buy DUCK tokens from the open market every set interval of time and add them to the qDUCK pool, distributing profits to DUCK stakers.
As opposed to V2, in V1, users could stake and unstake their DUCK tokens at any time. In V2, as a staker you have to choose how long you want to lock in your DUCK. Locking DUCK in for a fixed period of time, rather than staking/unstaking it whenever you like, means that the tokenomics are more predictable and, because of that, the protocol is more stable. V1 is no longer active. As of now, 100% of fees collected go to V2 stakers in the form of USDP stable. There will be no more rewards for V1 stakers, so there’s no reason to keep your stake there in case you have one.

Smart contracts (deprecated)

If you still keep your DUCK tokens locked in V1, to continue gain the profits, you should unstake it from V1 and stake to V2. You can unstake your DUCK tokens from V1 here.
To learn more about Staking V2 and DUCK liquid staking head over to the following sections: