Token Economics

Upon launch of the $COL governance token 70% of the initial supply was reserved for staking, of which 70% has been burned. This has resulted in a reduction of almost 50% of the total supply. Upon migration to $DUCK a 100:1 split occurred, leaving approximately 4.1% of initial supply left for staking.

20% of the token allocation was reserved for the team, subsequent token burn however increased this share to 37.9%. Other 10% of supply were distributed via the Lockdrop Offering.

It is important to note, that currently there is no inflation of $DUCK token.

Key Token Allocations







Team (5 year linear lock*)



Staking (Locked)



*Team tokens are released gradually, block by block with during 5 years.

The $DUCK token is the governance token and core token of the Unit Protocol economy.

Unit Protocol will undergo a smooth transition towards DAO, where decentralized governance will play a significant role in Unit Protocol decision-making system and add stability to the system, so it is essential to incentivize $DUCK stakers and help them be involved in the voting process. $DUCK token holders are be able to stake their tokens to participate in governance and collect protocol fees.

Previously, all the collected fees will be used to buyout DUCK from the open market and burn it.

Unit protocol collects stability fees when users repay their $USDP and liquidation fees if their collateralized debt position (CDP) has been liquidated. During the first year, 100% of all fees will go to the protocol ecosystem directly.

Future changes in fee distribution are subject to governance decisions.

DUCK token address:


Fees treasury: