Unit Protocol
Understanding DUCK staking
Stake your DUCK, get USDP rewards
The DUCK token is there to incentivise holders to stake their DUCK on Unit Protocol to get a share of the fees that are collected when people use the protocol to collateralise their tokens.
100% of the stability and liquidation fees that Unit Protocol collects go straight into the duck pond to be distributed to DUCK stakers. When you stake your DUCK, you can choose how long to lock it in the pond where it can eat up fees and bring you back delicious rewards in the form of USDP. When your DUCK is locked in the pond, it's represented as veDUCK.


The ‘ve’ in veDUCK stands for ‘vested. When you stake your DUCK, it’s represented in the duck pond as veDUCK – DUCK that’s been locked up for a period of time.
The amount of veDUCK you get from locking your DUCK depends on the locking period you choose. Each DUCK locked for four years is equal to 1 veDUCK. The longer you lock up your DUCK, the more veDUCK you’ll have in the duck pond.
100 DUCKs locked up for 4 years = 100 veDUCKs
100 DUCKs locked up for 3 years = 75 veDUCKs
100 DUCKs locked up for 2 years = 50 veDUCKs
100 DUCKs locked up for 1 year = 25 veDUCKs
As your lock goes on, your veDUCK’s weight decreases linearly. This means you get less rewards as you get closer to the end of your lock. But remember – you can add more DUCK to a lock or extend a lock’s duration any time you want. Note: when you top up your stake, the amount will be locked until the deadline you originally set.

Staking rewards

Unit Protocol pays out weekly USDP rewards in return for people staking their DUCK. Rewards are proportional to the amount of veDUCK you have in the duck pond.
Unlike Unit Protocol’s previous staking model, you don’t have to unstake your DUCKs to claim your rewards – you can do that any time the fees are distributed by hitting CLAIM.
Remember: you can only claim for the week that has already passed, because the contract doesn't know how much stakers are entitled to before the end of the period.
If you don't claim, your rewards will keep on accumulating.
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