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About $USDP
In $USDP we trust.
Like most other stablecoins, $USDP is pegged to the US dollar. But with Unit Protocol, you can use a huge selection of tokens as collateral for $USDP. This means this particular protocol has a healthier mix of tokens sloshing around.

Using USDP

Now that you have some USDP, you can use it for anything you like. The beauty of the USDP is that there are so many options to use it without having to worry about fluctuations in the market. You can go to any exchange today and swap the USDP for fiat in any currency you need, then go out to buy some more crypto, that new car that you've had your eye on, or even make a deposit on a property. The options are endless.
Maybe you would like to invest in a cryptocurrency or altcoin to make some quick profits. Just to an exchange such as Sushiswap or HOTBIT KOREA and start trading. This is in fact a way that many crypto investors employ. You can lock in the value of a token that you have such as Ether, and then create USDP to trade and invest in crypto exchange to make quick profits to first pay off your debt on the Unit Protocol and take the rest as profit. This my dear viewer goes without saying that I am not in a place to give you investment advice but am instead giving a mere view of the endless options of utilizing USDP.
Below are some key ways to use USDP:
  • Secured loans for interests such as Staking USDP to earn Yield: Yearn.finance is a group of protocols running on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to optimize their earnings on crypto assets through lending and trading services
  • Secure the values of our crypto assets: Lock in the value of your crypto asset by depositing it into the protocol.
  • Foreign currency exchange: You can exchange your USDP for fiat in any foreign currency that you need without having to pay any middlemen.
  • Trade: Once you have locked in the value of your collateral, you can now invest and trade in other crypto assets.
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Using USDP