Unit Protocol

Manual asset liquidation

Information for more technical savvy users looking to participate in manual asset liquidation

To participate in manual asset liquidation

  • Subscribe to the Unit Protocol Telegram bot
    • The bot will push notifications if a CDP is triggered for liquidation.
  • Use the liquidation DApp to check current liquidation parameters and buy out the collateral.

Technical information

  • Liquidation trigger:
  • Buyout collateral:
    • approve USDP to Vault 0xb1cFF81b9305166ff1EFc49A129ad2AfCd7BCf19
    • Call buyout on LiquidationAuction02 0xaEF1ed4C492BF4C57221bE0706def67813D79955
    • CDP information can be accessed in Vault contract 0xb1cFF81b9305166ff1EFc49A129ad2AfCd7BCf19. getTotalDebt etc.