Unit Protocol
Generating income with $USDP
USDP's utility stretches well beyond investment and income generation use-cases. Mainly, it improves capital efficiency. Here are a few ways you can use your USDP:

Leveraged Yield Farming

You can triple the ROI on your farms by using high-TVL borrowing.

Staking your $USDP

Why just sit on your tokens when you can put them to work – even if the base asset is unproductive or low-yield. Use your tokens as a collateral and then stake the USDP you borrow.

Low-risk leveraging

Missing out on an investment opportunity because of capital constraints is never a nice feeling. But what if you can't or you're not ready to close your existing positions to get in on something new?
You can use Unit Protocol to borrow $USDP against your crypto portfolio. Then you can invest it in other places or double down on your position.
Last modified 23d ago