Unit Protocol
Unit Protocol on Fantom

What's going to happen?

Unit Protocol is going to be deployed on Fantom (when?). That means:
  • Cheaper transactions / Less gas
  • A new governance token: (NAME)
  • Airdrop?
  • All veDUCK will be converted to Fantom DUCK?
  • All fees from Unit Protocol transactions on Fantom will go into the Fantom pond?
  • All fees from Unit Protocol regardless of the chain will go into the Fantom pond?

When's it going to happen?

31st December 2021.

Why do we need a new coin?

This is one more step toward decentralizing the protocol. The ideal system is one where the involvement of a particular person is minimal or non-existent.
When you have independent governance tokens not linked between chains, it reduces risks to the system as a whole, as it means you have separate collaterals, risk parameters, and terms and conditions.
It's also one way to preserve the core value of the protocol for long-term duck holders

What will happen during/after the snapshot?

My question was about the share of fantom DUCK. So you make a snapshot at the end of the year. Then you take (years) * (DUCK token) = share. So why do you need a date in that equation and what for?
So, you need to have an active lock of at least 2 years at the moment the snapshot takes place.
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